Life as an IG influencer with 100k followers

Ask silly questions or being “judgmental”, then there will be “haze”, or you might be labelled as someone with McDonald logo shape of eyebrows…

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Those are few of the examples mentiomed in Instagram posts that make an 18-year-old @Carldvestarr to get traction from loyal followers of more than 100,000 and job offers.

For a young adult to be standing out in public with flawless skin, Korean eyebrow, pink lips and dangle earrings, he receives mixed reactions from fans of kpop and of course…those who are not so comfortable with diversity.

His popularity has also gained seamless attention from the people in peninsular Malaysia and beyond. However, the influence also leads to questions that @Carldevstarr might have to “take a lot of chill and creative pills” to give explanation. (If he wants to).

Among those questions include “How do people of Sabah take Grab? by boat?” or “Do you have shopping malls?” etc…..

In short, he is a barrel of laughs. But again, it depends on your sense of humor on dealing with the sarcasm.

Borneo Echo has the privilege to get to know more of the life of an inspiring youth through an interview.

Tell us more about you?

My real name is Karl Deffson Steven. @carldevstar is just a commercial name of mine .

Most people don’t know this but my hometown is in Tambunan, Sabah but I was born and raised in Kota Kinabalu .

I have six siblings and I am the second youngest.

I am a pure Kadazan. Besides bahasa, English and Kadazan, I also speak Thai and Tagalog.

My primary school is at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Sacred Heart and Im studying at Sekolah Menengah La Salle during my secondary year.

What about being a social media influencer?

To be honest, I don’t really like to consider myself as an influencer. I rather label myself as the funny dude on Instagram.

I started becoming big about three years ago when my comedy skits and videos went viral all over the internet. Since then I started to receive tons of brands offer and even from a modelling agency (to be their spokesperson/ambassador).

I am really inspired by @bretmanrock , He is always spreading positivity in the most humorous way .

How do you make yourself relevant?

I think being consistent, up to date, unique and engaging (with followers) are the formula to create a huge fan base .

People often uses social media to entertain themselves so I use that opportunity to create a relatable and entertaining contents consistently. (By doing so), they would have the urge to want more thus following me .

On average, I spend at least 3 to 4 hours everyday to update my social media and create content for my followers .

What is your trademark?

I am usually known as the Sabahan who defends the idea of living in Sabah . That is why most of my followers are from Sabah .

Being kpop (having the look and style) also plays a factor in attracting people especially youngsters.

But for me , being yourself and unique work the best in terms of attracting more people to watch you . 

How do you deal with haters?if there is any?

Its very normal for an influencer or even a normal person to have haters .

For me personally, I do notice a few hate comments thrown at me . But the hate comments would not affect you if you do not let it affects you.

Be positive all the time.

Hate is something that we cannot avoid, it is more like a mean opinion from someone. So, learning to take things positively is very important. 

Do you get support from your family and friends being a public figure?

Yes, my parents and relatives are very supportive on what I am doing .

Any plan to further study?

For sure , but not at the moment. Right now, I am focusing on business and social media gigs.

Sabah government has passed the law for an 18-year-old to be a politician. yes?

Nothing is impossible.

But, for me personally, I don’t really support the idea. A teenager should use their teen years to learn and experience life . There are so much more to learn and understand .

Lastly, anything to say to your fan?

I sincerely love each & everyone of you ! thank you for always supporting me . Without the support you gave me , Im nothing .



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