Moms’ inspired community enterprise

Changgih Designs “birthed from” two sleepless and passionate moms who used to make cute crafts for their kids during nap time.

But now, the duo are doing the artworks more than for their babies and family members.

Moss and Dawson wanted to share the same opportunity for other stay-at-home mothers to earn incomes from making the crafts.

Changgih Design gives back 10 per cent proceeds from the selling of borneo-inspired crafts to community.

Changgih’s culturally inspired collections of handbags, wallets, accessories, scarves and clothing are all made with the utmost attention to detail by artisans in villages all over Sabah.

They work with local artisans to come up with styles that are beautiful and durable, also provide training to new artisans before they join the team.

These artisans aren’t just people who make Changgih’s products, they are personal friends with stories to tell.

Changgih Designs, as part of Fashion Revolution Malaysia, also launched a campaign called, ‘Who Made Your Clothes’ .

Changgih Design gives back 10 per cent proceeds from the selling of borneo-inspired crafts to community.

This campaign is aimed at raising awareness among consumers that there are individual faces and stories behind the clothes that they wear.

It also seeks to make clothes-buying a more personal and sustainable affair, in addition to giving local dress-makers room to exercise their own creativity.

In making this dream a reality, Changgih realized that their passion to help Sabahans can be fulfilled.

With that, they started out with the Give10toSabah program that gives back to the community.

Changgih Design gives back 10 per cent proceeds from the selling of borneo-inspired crafts to community.

Under the Give10toSabah, 10 per cent of all proceeds will be for community programs such as disaster relief, English language classes, skill-based vocational training and mobile clinics.

Eco-collaboration with ECHO Resorts

In an effort to highlight the local Sabahan identity, ECHO Resorts have teamed up with Changgih Designs to create new local-inspired in-room decorations, such as the bed runners in each room.

All of ECHO Resorts’ amenities are also produced by Changgih Designs, using all-natural fresh, local ingredients and made by local manpower.

In an effort to reduce waste, Changgih will also be recycling leftover soaps to be reused.

As ECHO Resorts is a plastic-free brand, all current shampoo and conditioner bottles will also be replaced with degradable shampoo and conditioner bottles, which is still a new concept in Sabah.

In addition to that, ECHO Resorts will also be supporting Changgih’s initiatives by selling Changgih Designs merchandise in the ECHO gift store on Gayana Island Resort.

Story contributed by Nova Renata @Kookie Jar.

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