Baby elephant stuck in a hole

On Dec 27, 2019 (Friday) morning, Dr Roopan led his team from Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) and Sabah Wildlife Department people based in Kinabatangan to save a baby elephant stuck in a hole.

As Dr Roopan’s reports:
Footage of a baby elephant trapped in a hole.

“WRU team was in another urgent mission when they received a report of an elephant calf that fell into a drain and that the mother elephant and its herd is around, not far from where they were doing their field work.

“The team rushed to the spot immediately to check on the situation. It was seen that the mother elephant and the rest of the herd helplessly surrounding the spot and vocalising after failure attempts.

“The elephants were scared away to a distance without delay for the calf’s safety. The situation was assessed, poor calf was trapped under a damaged bridge with no possible moving space.

“Initially a backhoe was called upon to assist the rescue but due to a delay, the team decided to conduct the rescue themselves as the calf, mother elephant and the herd were getting stressed. “

“We dug the hole bigger and managed to pull the calf out. Upon making sure that the calf had not attained any severe injury, we released it and after a few minutes, the mother came and got it. The calf immediately started sucking milk.”

baby elephant rescued by wildlife rescue unit
Above article and pictures are shared by Sabah Wildlife assistant director Dr Sen Nathan in his Facebook page.

Bravo Dr Roopan , felbor , Misuari and Marbah for a job well done !!

Would like to thank the Malaysian Palm Oil Council and Orangutan Appeal UK for funding this rescue operation . 👍🏾👍🏾

Dr Sen Nathan.


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