How to welcome 2020 doing something different

The year 2019 has been quite challenging. Agree? It may be a great year to some (we are happy for those who have been blessed with all the good lucks this year), but it is definitely an up and down for many of us.

If you (yes YOU, who are reading this) are feeling down and uninspired (today and the next remaining days of 2019) know that you are not alone. Don’t worry, everyone goes through tough time (that includes us in Borneo Echo). Perhaps, we need to break our comfort routines and do something different. Even if it is only for a day.

So, let’s do something-different together. Instead of listing down all the repeated resolutions we are ‘definitely’ going to achieve in 2020 (which you and I know, we will not keep up) … Let’s start our something-different routine on 31 December 2019 – just a perfect day to end the year.

Oh, everyone can take part of course. Afterall, we need to support each other and spread positive vibes. Here goes:

1. 5am alarm

Whaaaattt… Yes, we hear you late wakers. But yes, let’s wake up at 5am. Something different, remember. Just force yourself to wake up. Go to the toilet, to the kitchen, go check on your pets…anything that will keep you moving away from the bed.

Trust us. If you manage to do this (waking up early, of course), then everything that comes after will be easy-peasy.

2. Pray and practice self-love

How many of us actually wake up in the morning and pray? If you don’t, it is about time you spend five to 10 minutes to speak to God, and to yourself. Do this in a quiet place of your choice. We won’t teach you how to pray but perhaps, you can start by expressing gratitude for being alive.

Maybe pray for guidance, instead of your wants and needs. ‘God, I pray that you guide me in… Pray that you will give me strength in…’

After that, take a moment of silence to listen to yourself. Your head may be making conversations – perhaps negative ones. Acknowledge them but don’t react to negative thoughts. Instead, counter them with positive thoughts.

Next, tell yourself (or shout if you may) ‘John you are awesome, I love you. We will do good things and something different today!!’

3. Early morning exercise

What a good way to kickstart the day, right? We know exercising is a hate-love thing and not everyone cup of tea. If you haven’t been exercising, this is the time to break that non-exercise morning routine.

If you ask us, the best morning exercise would be yoga. We are not asking you to do complicated poses, but start with a five or 10-minutes Yoga workout for novice to help stretch those muscles. Remember, by doing yoga you can also practice mindfulness and calmness. Try one of these two simple morning yoga stretches =)

3. Spend time reading

Do you notice yourself losing interest in reading as you get older? We spend so much time working, playing games, and living the social media life that we don’t spare some time off our busy schedule to read.

We know it can be quite challenging to pick up reading again. But why not read a chapter of your favourite book, an article from your favourite magazine, or the news.

Go find inspiration through reading about travel, business, health, environment, or religions. Anything that interests you. We waste so much of our time browsing pictures on Instagram, stalking people on Facebook, and reading fake news. Why not use our phone to read good online articles.

Read during your free time at work or while waiting for friends/transport. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you finally completed your light reading.

4. Stay home

New Year party is everywhere. Your friends may be planning to go party, binge drinking, and see fireworks just like last New Year. But don’t you feel tired of partying? Maybe, just maybe, this time you do something different.

Spend time with yourself. A good spot to do so is at the comfort of your own home. Staying home does not mean your are boring and lonely. It means you care about your own self that you need to catch up with yourself, and not just your friends.

Like No.2, this is a good time to do some self-reflection and self-love. Too much have been going on in your life and in the past months. Make 31 December, a day to prepare yourself for the 2020 at your own pace.

5. Make a list of things to do

This is not a New Year resolution list. In fact, this is your list of things to do on 1 January 2020.

Because you are staying home the night before, you have plenty of time to think about the things you need to get done the following day like pay that damn bill (we know it is public holiday, but there is always online service), bathe your dogs, wash the car, clean your room, go buy groceries, et cetera.

Remember to keep your to do list simple and realistic. This way, it will be easier to follow through.


Last but not least, celebrate! Hey, we don’t want you to stay at home and not enjoying yourself. Cook yourself a good meal (or just tapau), have a glass of wine or beer, and watch good movies. But don’t stay up too late. We need to look after our health and well-being. We have things to do the next day, remember?

So cheers, everyone. And always remember to keep your spirit going.


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