Evita inspired by beauty queen sister

Is it possible to have two famous beauties under one roof? Evita Patcey Edgar Delmundo says she is happy to have a model elder sister as her backbone in early career as an influencer.

The 22-year-old Rungus-Filipino girl becomes famous when she made the move to be part of the Miss Universe Malaysia pageant contest in 2017. Since then, Evita was featured in many forms of media including newspaper, radio, TV shows among others.

Evita Delmundo.

Her career further skyrocketed that she was invited for more overseas assignments for modelling and also as a motivator, which gives another level of definition for “true beauty”.

Evita shares with Borneoecho how her sister Vanessa Kimberly has made her be in the industry, her life as IG influencer with 104,000 followers and financially independent normal student life.

Is Vanessa the one, who inspired you to go for pageant/modelling? How did it take place?

My sister had graduated when I was still in high school. Before that, whenever she was free while waiting for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia result, Vanessa would join photo shooting and become a model to photographers, who approached her through Facebook.

Occasionally, when she had photo shoot sessions, Vanessa would bring me to accompany her. From there, I gained interests in modeling and in doing any beauty stuff like that.

Since both of you are famous, is there any competition between you two?

Honestly, we do not feel there is sibling rivalry. We always support each other. If she joins any pageant competitions such as Unduk Ngadau, Miss Grand…I will be there to support her. Likewise, if I have to attend a big event like zalora company, MAC and etc, Vanessa will also support and pray for me.

Vanessa Kimberly
How’s your life change after 2017?

My life has definitely changed. From a girl who used to be called a monster and big chipsmores, to a girl who influences and motivates others how to love themselves and appreciate their uniqueness.

People nowadays only see the external beauty but for me I want people to see how beautiful they are not only from outside but also from the inside. This includes any imperfection in your life.

I want to change their perception about real beauty… So I use media platforms to give good motivation to every girl, who feels insecure about themselves. That is my goal.

Do you have to behave differently in the public?

For me as an influencer… I might say yes to behaving politely and being mindful to what we say because we need to be a good role model to others, especially children who look up to us as their idol.

How do you decide on what kind of advertisement to promote? Why do you do it?

I do a lot of reviews and promotions for other Instagram shops. But, I usually will do some background checks on the shops and products before agreeing to helping advertise them.

I used to get a lot of inquiries to help review vape, unsafe products, and money lending services, among others. I just turned them down by not accepting the offer.

The payment (from doing reviews) help me to stabilise my finance. And I seldom ask for allowance from my parents for daily expenses for college.

What are you studying? Did you experience different treatment?

I am a sophomore in college now and I am studying Bachelor in Education with major in Bahasa Melayu. I aspired to become a teacher.

My lecturers are treating me the same ways as other students. But all of them are nice and very supportive.

Tell us more about your talent.

Music is my passion, especially singing while playing guitar. I am not a professional though. It is just my hobby.

Also, I love to draw anime/cartoon but unfortunately I am bad in colouring. 

NOTE: All photos are provided to Borneo Echo by Evita herself, with permission.


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