Some calculations to shed extra weight gained from festivities

Some of our #Borneoecho team experienced some weight gain with convenient access to abundant food during Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year festivities.

Coincidently, whe stumbled upon a posting from our Sabahan renowned doctor Professor Dr Helen Lasimbang who shares the “mathematics” on how much or how long to lose weight.

Dr Helen, who is in her 50s, is a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist. She is also the president of Universiti Malaysia Sabah and Sabah Obstacle Run Association (SaTRA).

This is her posting about how to lose weight…

“My last run in 2019 was Kionsom Trail Run on 21 December. It was followed by many family gatherings and celebrations.

“On 2nd January 2020 my weight has increased by 2.8kg (6.2Ibs). As an ObGyn consultant, so called women health expert, long-distance runner, outdoor person, and contemplating (at that time but have registered) to run the 50km Four Feather Challenge on 29th February 2020, I know I have to shed that weight.”

I set my plan, keeping in mind some facts:

  • Am more than half a century old 😅
  • Losing weight is 80 per cent food and beverages, 20 per cent exercise.
  • My daily calorie requirement will be around 1600
  • To lose 1 pound/0.45kg is equivalent to 3500calories
  • One-mile run/1.6km will use up about 80-160 calories
  • The general rule is that my maximum heart rate is 220-my age and I must try to reach 70-80% of my maximum heart rate for vigorous exercise intensity.
  • Another general rule is I need to lose 1.5kg to lose one inch at my waist.
  • Healthy weight loss is about 1-2pounds a week
  • Thank God for my health, pray for continuous health and forever grateful to my family/friend

Hopefully, Dr Helen’s fact sharing help some of us to cut the necessary weight for better health.


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