A KL boy, who bakes cookies for turtle conservation, is also hoping to be a diver

How often or how many young people (or even adults) have ever being mentioned by the Royal member in any occasion?

Last month, A 14-year-old Ahmad Iszuddin Ahmad Izham from Kuala Lumpur was praised by Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah at a launching of a book titled “40 Hadis Pelestarian Alam Sekitar” for his efforts to prevent turtles from going into extinction.

The boy from Kuala Lumpur is actually living a normal life whereby he also plays Minecraft and Fortnight like his other peers at school.

However, he is passionate in conserving turtles ever since a class teacher showed video about the endangered species few years ago.

Eversince that, Iszuddin learned to bake cookies to raise fund for conservation and community beach cleaning activities. He is also the founder of Save Sea Animals From Extinction (SAFE).

As of now, the young environmentalist managed to raise more than RM6,000 from selling more than 20,000 cookies that he baked himself and 400 recipe books.

Those money was donated to Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia, Walai Penyu Conservation Park in Sandakan, Sabah, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu’s sea turtle research unit in Kuala Nerus, the Turtle Hut in Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan and Ara Dinawan Research and Conservation Centre (ADRECC) in Kinarut, Papar.

Early this month, ADRECC had invited Iszuddin to launch the new centre’s turtle hatchery.

Iszuddin tells #BORNEOECHO of his thought on the launching of the hatchery and more of his personal life.

Borneo Echo: When ADRECC invited you to launch its Turtle Hatchery recently, how did you feel? Is it an honor to be given such opportunity although you are younger than other marine conservationists?

Ans: I feel really happy to be part of the project itself, because it is the first time ADRECC wanted to build a turtle hatchery.

I am just a bit surprised that only one hatchery was built, but you know, I guess they will make plans to have more hatcheries when more turtles come to land on the island.

I feel more lucky instead of feeling honored to be able to contribute and participate in the project.

Borneo Echo: You developed a passion towards turtles after a video shown to you. You’ve also done a lot for the sake of turtle conservation. By any chance, have you ever thought of becoming a diver to see turtle under the sea?

Ans: Yes, I am planning to get my diving certificate this year, but I need to raise my own money to pay for it.

So, I am working harder to promote my cookies, t-shirts and straws so that this year, I have enough to go for the diving course and get certified.

Borneo Echo: Most of the kids at your age are most likely to be more inclined with other fun things. How your peers perceive your passion on turtles and marine conservation?

Ans:I think my friends who know I am doing this support me.

They encourage me also to never give up when people say no to me.

I think now, when my friends and I play Fortnite or Minecraft, we would just talk about the next bazaar and see if they can come and help out.

Borneo Echo: Are you planning to be a marine biologist in future?

Ans: I have a lot of ambitions, but right now, as a kid, maybe I will focus on what I can do to help. I love going to the beaches and do clean up, I also love the water, can’t get enough of it.


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