A 6-month-old is youngest ‘climber’ at Mount Kinabalu

With the story of a fitness instructor Siti Aminah Borhan from Peninsular Malaysia carrying her a 3-year-old daughter Sofia to the peak of Mount Kinabalu went viral recently, Borneoecho also wishes to share that there are also other younger climbers that had been to the peak.

A day before, #borneoecho had reported that a 10-month-old foreigner baby Angus Benjamin managed to scale the top with the help of mountain guide named Yassin and firemen on August 24, 2017.

According to the New Straits Times report today, the youngest kid ever presence at the peak is a 6-month-old.

Speaking to New Straits Times, Kinabalu Mountain Guides Association deputy chairman Richard Soibi said he and other guides have actually guided families with babies countless time, but such is not known to the public as they choose not to viral the experience.

“Moreover, there was no smartphone in the past. Personally, I’ve guided a family with their six-month-old child. The mountain porter helped to carry the baby.

“I’ve also seen a two-year-old climbing the mountain. He would walk on his own and sometimes the child’s father and their guide took turn to piggy ride the young climber,” he said.

Angus broke the record of another older boy Edgar Scout Davy who reached the 4,095-metre high peak at the age of 2 in 2011.

Edgar, who is 11, is from Keningau. During the expedition about nine years ago, he became one of 14 participants who made history in a three-day Merdeka Mount Kinabalu Expedition.

The expedition was led by his father Davy Geoffrey.

Besides setting a record as the youngest climber then, Edgar was also supposed to perform the traditional instrument called ‘Tangunggak’ and the warrior dance ‘Angalang’ on top of Mount Kinabalu for 15 minutes.

Another young climber is Wyatt Maktrav from Philippine. Being a 4-year-old in May 2017, he held the youngest Filipino to be at the Mount Kinabalu at that time.

The boy had his first climb when he was 8-month-old and prior to his trip in Sabah, he had scaled more than 40 mountains.

Well, the parents also named him after a famous hike site in Philippines – Gunung Makiling Traverse (MakTrav).

Expecting mothers also managed to conquer the peak!!

#Borneoecho is amazed with response from followers that there are pregnant mothers who are as good as the young kids.

Soibi also said a woman, who was six-month-old pregnant, had also climbed Mount Kinabalu but did not continue to the summit. She scaled until the Panalaban base camp, where most guesthouses are located for climbers to take a rest, the New Straits Times reported.

Mary Chung also shared her experience climbing Mount Kinabalu when she was three months pregnant in 2016. (Borneo Echo was notified about this from our follower)

“Wish i could bring my 4-year old daughter at the summit again.

“My hubby n I never known I was pregnant. We already booked everything, climbing mount kinabalu and the Ferrata climbing… and we still continued our plan to climb the summit.

“When we reach our cabin, our guide Safrey Sumping instructed us for the ferrata.. in the end,i need to tell him,i cant do anymore the ferrata climbing bec of my situation, i got a little peanut in my belly.


What is the age limit for Mount Kinabalu climbing?

According to MountKinabalu.com, there is no particular age limit for Mount Kinabalu climbers.

As long as you are in good health status or you have seek approval from your doctor if you are on any medication.

MountKinabalu.com has served thousands of climbers ranging from 7 year old to 80 year old.

However, we suggest young children to be at least 10 year old due to the numerous steps and steep slopes.

Similarly, elderly climbers need to be in good health and fitness level to attempt the climb.


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