Sabah to push organic farming and quail hatchery among locals

Sabah government is hoping for more people to go for organic farming.

The announcement came after Sabah Agriculture and Food Industry minister Datuk Junz Wong visited the Green-Os urban certified organic farm on Friday.

“This site is only five acres, but it is able to produce between 250 and 300kg of organic spinach, pakchoi, choysum, kailan, long beans, tomatoes, bittergourd, eggplants, okra, wintemelons.

“We want to learn about farming techniques and train locals to produce organic vegetables for domestic and international markets.”

Junz Wong and a quail bird.

He added, the organic farm not only plant vegetable, but also fruits and animals like chicken, geese and quails.

There is even a hatchery centre specially for quail incubation.

Sabah government will programme the technique into a scheme to help villagers grow quails which has a high demand in both domestic and foreign markets.”

“These schemes will be implemented through MAFI is meant to drive Sabah’s economy and uplift the livelihoods of all Sabahans”, he concluded.


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