Women’s day special: Sabahan Jess Boubie translates her past into successful trail running career

On a normal day, an adult is likely to spend average 8 hours of working, have three meals, two showers, an hour of screen time and wake up again the next morning.

But for some, he or she might be running continuously in a forest starting before the sun comes out, the moon illuminates the path for runners…until it is morning again.

Such lifestyle will be very inconvenient for many as it is about sleep deprivation, lack of proper food and rest. But, it is what defined happiness to Sabahan celebrity trail runner Jassica Lintanga and fondly known as Jess.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day today, she shares with #BORNEOECHO on what she believes in.

As a celebrity trail runner, do you feel any pressure to be better than men?

JESS: I never compete with any man.

What are the challenges as a woman in this field? Do you have to train as hard as men? Will those training make you feel less feminine?

JESS: It is all about balancing. It is challenging, not only as being tired physically but also to mental strength.

The trick is I have to surround myself with positive people and good vibes.

I don’t really train hard but more to being smart. It is the way to balance my well-being.

No matter how masculine I am nowadays. I’m still a typical woman. I believe I am a special God’s creating. Most importantly is confidence.

I am God’s special creation, says Jess.

Some say a woman should spend more time with family especially the kids, instead of focusing own career or dream? What is your say?

JESS: Family will always be no 1. But, trail running is also my calling which I have to work it out instead of waiting for “durian runtuh”.

Are your three kids also running like you?

JESS: My kids are (running) but they do not compete. I let them play (or do) whatever they like so in future, they will also earn living from something they love to do.

What’s life?

JESS: It is not easy to be a human, life as a grown up woman is also complicated nowadays.

But, everything happens for a reason. Someone is always shaped by what happened to them in the past.

For me, I learn to accept my failure in previous relationship.

My five years running is being driven by those emotions. I want to be heard…eventhough I am not brave enough to show my grey side of life.

Any words on this Women’s Day today?

JESS: Life is all about choices, if you want to be happy, DO NOT PRETEND. BE YOUR TRUE SELF!

Jess and her runner sister Nana.

Jess is an interesting woman with deep passion in running and arts. Despite being famous in the international events for her outstanding performances, she is a proud Kota Belud woman to tell the world about her Dusun way of life by speaking her mother tongue in interviews.

To get to know more about her, follow her Instagram @jessboubie.


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