Covid-19 through the “noseless” cartoons by @Artortoise

Whether it is social media, or official telegram channels for Majlis Keselamatan and CPRC Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, most of you probably have seen some cute comic or illustration associated with the current Covid-19 pandemic situation in Malaysia.

#Borneoechocares is inspired with the drawings- the style, the accuracy of the situation is creatively described, and most importantly they are educational.

#Borneoecho reached out the owners of those comics, @Artortoise about their arts.

Who is/are Artotoise?

In Artortoise, we have illustrator (Ise), designer (Iwe) and writer (Sara).

What is Gaya Artortoise?

It is more to our cartoon style such as our cartoon trademark is there is/are no noses on them.

Health Ministry director-general Datuk Dr Noorhisham (front) leading his medical team to brace through Covid 19 pandemic.

Are you affiliated to the Health Ministry? What inspired you to draw based something related to Covid-19?

No, I am a full time cartoonist and currently working with a company.

We are inspired to come out with what happened in the surroundings, current issues and to criticize as a citizen.

On the first day of Control Movement Order being implemented.

#Borneoecho is sure that Artortoise is aware that your artworks are being shared widely not only via Instagram, but also Whatsapp and even MKN telegram. Are you ok with that, in terms of copyright?

As long as it is for awareness, we are okay with that. Because it is our target to share artwork which also can educate people.

It should not be a problem if they did not remove our watermark and give credit to us.

Orang kita…

#Borneoecho realises DC superheroes in the recent comics, so, Artortoise is big fan of DC?

Of course! We (also) love Marvel, Japan anime/manga and Malaysian cartoon,too.

In short, not all superheroes wear capes or with superpower. But, #borneoecho could not thank @artortoise enough for helping the nation and healthcare team to #fightcovid19 through their educational cartoons.


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