A woman with heart for people of Sandakan

#Borneoecho would like to wish Happy birthday to Sandakan member of parliament Vivian Wong.

Disclaimer: Borneoecho is not affiliated to any political parties, we are still the voice for the community.

It must be hard for Vivian to receive the passing news of his dad Datuk Stephen Wong, a former Sabah Health and People’s Wellbeing Minister, a day after her birthday (on March 27).

But the father will be proud of Vivian continues his legacy as Sandakan MP.

Vivian celebrated her birthday on March 27.

Borneoecho has been following YB Vivian’s Instagram account eversince she was fielded as a candidate for Sandakan constituency by-election which she won with landslide majority.

Perhaps it is her nature to be with the community, humanitarian works experience before that make herself engaged more with the people of Sandakan.

One of them is the initiative to bring Chinese New Year celebration culture with non-Chinese islanders at Berhala island.

She (or her manager) posted in the Instagram.

“Hey! Hey! For the first time in history, we celebrated Chinese New Year at Berhala. That’s why we brought two mischievous lions to roam the island.

“Everyone was so excited especially the children. They enjoyed the lion dance performance just like how we enjoy nasi lemak. YB Vivian truly loves all her citizen”.

When Borneoecho contacted her asking more on how the kids responded as the lion troupe arrived, she said “They love it, followed the drum sound from the jetty into the island”.

Vivian says “My secret identity is a delivery man”

During the Control Movement Order, after tested negative for Covid-19 ( perhaps close contacts with a DAP member that was infected by virus), Vivian continues to serve for her constituents by being the delivery lady to send out food and household supply to front-liners and those in needs.

On other note, #borneoecho also loves YB’s fashion sense -casual chic- and feminine-, but of course she wears decently and appropriate while attending official functions.

The hairstyle, particularly the side front braid, adds more feminine touch to her overall look.

How not to admire someone who plays instrument? For a violinist, it gives a sense of romantic and elegance to the person.

Once again, we would like to wish YB all the best and be happy.


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