Elephant had brooch stuck in tooth, rescued

LAHAD DATU: An elephant who had been suffering from oral abscess turned out to have a brooch stucked within its teeth.

According to Sabah Wildlife Rescue Unit Facebook page, the animal had severe ulceration on it tongue due to abrasion with the metal.

When it was found recently by the unit, led by Dr Roopan, its left cheek was seen swollen.

The team, led by Dr Roopan, rushed to Tingkayu forest corridor in Lahad Datu which it was reported to be wandering around.

On the same day, the elephant was darted and had the metal removed.

Necessary treatment such as rinsing off the pus, antibiotic treatment were given.

Due to the severity of the dental infection, the elephant will be taken to Borneo Elephant Sanctuary for further medical care.


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