A good job by Sabah in combating Covid-19 crisis

It is almost six months since Sabah is battling with the Covid-19, but we have to recognise that ALL OF US have done our part to deal with it, right?

As of June 1, Sabah only has 10 cases being treated at the six hospitals and only six districts categorised as yellow zone (which has between 1 and 4 cases).

Even the mortality rate is 5 out of 347 cases, which one was found died from cancer while the other one was under police case.

Swift action from Sabah government.

Both Federal and Sabah government have done necessary measures in preventing situations from getting worse.

Even before the implementation of Movement Control Order on March 18, Sabah has exercised its immigration power in banning all China flights late January.

It was not an easy decision, as China market accounted almost 50 per cent, or 598,566 out of 1,469,475 international tourist arrivals in 2019. Tourism stakeholders from F&B, accommodations, tours, drivers and plantations are affected by it.

It is worsened when travel bans imposed to Korean and other European markets, and eventually people from outside Sabah.

Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said; “It was a tough decision, considering many are relying on those tourists…but, the state particularly the healthcare would not be able to cope should there is an outbreak.”

The implementation of four phases of Movement Control Order and conditional movement control order has greatly helped to flatten the curve for Covid-19 curve.

Sabahans fight along to contain spread of virus

Unlike other countries, most people of Sabah complied the order without going unnecessary protest against frontliners including medical staff and

Some districts, particularly in the rural areas such as Long Pasia in Sipitang, Kuala Penyu, Tenom, Nabawan, Bangi island in Kudat, Pitas among others, have maintained as green zones even until now.

They might be lucky, but the community and local leaders had equally put efforts to prevent outsiders from coming into their areas to prevent spread.

Compliance of the New Normal- wear mask, sanitise hands and social distance. People observe the new practice.

Thousands of varsity students sacrificed.

It is not easy, but almost 13,000 Sabahan students underwent months of quarantine at their hostels. That was a great patience that one can endure.

When they are allowed to return hometowns, some even requested to be quarantined at the centres knowing they might pose risk to other vulnerable groups at their community.

People from all walks of life CONTRIBUTE

Donations after donations come in the form of Personal Protective Equipment and reagents, as well as cash aids among others.

Sabah’s good relationship with the Republic of China has also helped to secure continuous supply of medical items for the state hospitals.

Tressie Yap sewing PPEs

Individuals and companies came forward to help with sewing PPE gowns and face shields for medical frontliners. Some distributes food and drinks to RELA, Police and Army manning at the roadblocks.

For those whose daily wages are affected, whether they are citizens or non-citizens, people reached out to them to give food and other necessities including diapers and milks for family with young children.

What’s next?

It takes one person to spread the disease to hundreds of us. But as long as all of us take precautions, we can fight this together.


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