Free cruise trips reward for 300 KKM frontliners.

One of the reasons that people of Sabah are able to enjoy the sun outside (with new normal) is because of our healthcare frontliners have worked tirelessly to combat Covid-19 disease.

We’ve heard stories about how exposed are they to the infection by having to deal with the public everyday; wearing the full personal protective equipment on hot days, worse to bear the heat during fasting months; some have to isolate themselves from their family members.

It feels good to know a tour company (which is likely to be affected by the Movement Control Order and travel bans) is actually hosting our frontliners to be on their cruise, better, FOR FREE!!!

Picture courtesy of North Borneo Cruise

North Borneo Cruises is hosting them between June 5 and 7 for sunset and dinner cruise sessions dubbed “Frontliners Appreciation Celebration”.

Each session will have maximum of 50 pax.

“North Borneo Cuisine would like to extend special thanks to Sutera Harbour Resort, Grandis Hotels & Resorts, Music Monster Academy for supporting this initiative to honour and celebrate the efforts of KKM Frontliners.

“We hope you get a well deserved relaxing time on the sea! “


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