Keningau Vocational College research team receives Southeast Asian Research grant

Press release from Keningau Vocational College

A team of researchers comprising a teacher (Roseanne Nelson) and two students – Denciscka Ellyvia and Nur Syuhada Aeiza – from the Keningau Vocational College was selected as one of the 25 recipients of language research grants worth of IDR7,500,000 (RM 2,225) by SEAMEO QITEP, a Southeast Asian association specialised in language education, to conduct a research in English language and literacy.

They were the only Malaysian recipient amongst the 25 grantees from ASEAN nations.

(From left) Roseanne Nelson, Denciscka Ellyvia, and Nur Syuhada Aeiza.

The title of their research proposal is “Analysing the Role of Visual Literacy in Preparing Learners for Verbal Literacy” as they planned to examine the potential advantages of visuals in teaching basic literacy and thinking skills.

Since this pandemic has prompted classes to be done online, the team will be carrying out the research through online platforms like Zoom or Google Form in which the use of visual is easier and more practical.

Students at home will feel more confident and comfortable to express their individual interpretations on visuals based on their personal opinions and experiences.

In fact, the prevalent usage of mobile devices and laptops as replacements for face-to-face lessons has encouraged more teachers to use visuals materials like photos and videos.

Hence, this research is very relevant in identifying the significance of visuals in improving students’ language production and thinking skills.

The team planned to use the grant to subscribe certain online services like web tools and cloud-based platform in delivering online lessons. They would also use it to attend conferences to present their findings and to publish their paper in a journal.

Roseanne Nelson, the head researcher, is an English language teacher while the two students are doing their final year study in early childhood education programme.

The school principal, Mr. Johari @ Jaibet Bin Sabin, always encourages the teachers and students in the school to do research in order to improve the quality of classroom learning as well as the conduciveness of the school environment.


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