Sabah’s “Huminodun” wants to serve as a police officer

KOTA KINABALU, 30 June 2020: A 170-cm tall lass who was crowned as the “Huminodun” in last year’s Unduk Ngadau pageant has expressed wish to serve the community as a police officer.

Francisca Ester Nain, 26, who holds the title for more than a year due to special circumstances related to Covid-19 pandemic, said she had the intention to become a policewoman ever since she was in the secondary school.

“I am inspired to be one as I think the police forces need more involvement from women.

“Three of my siblings have become police personnel, (and) that makes me wanting more to be in the police force as well,” she shared with Borneo Echo.

Protecting the lives of citizens, maintaining order, and catching bad guys is a huge sacrifice just like the legend of Huminodun – a Kadazandusun goddess, who gave her life to save the people from famine and bring about bountiful harvest.

Even now, it is said that Huminodun spirit lives on in the form of Unduk Ngadau – an annual cultural pageant in conjunction with Kaamatan celebration – where a beautiful and most outstanding local woman is crowned in Huminodun’s honour

That said, we indeed need more of Francisca and her commitment to contributing in safeguarding the people from security threats.

Francisca opined that it is not something out of norms for beauty queens to be in uniformed services or enforcement related workforce.

Inspector Laura Simon

She cited Laura Simon , who is the third runner up of Miss Universe Malaysia 2017, is a police inspector now. In fact, Laura is recognised as PDRM athlete after joining the force in 2018.

“Being a police personnel is not really about being masculine, as labelled by most society.

“Women can work at any field that they are interested in,” said Francisca who had submitted many applications to be a policewoman.

Asked what would be her other options, she noted that it would be other uniformed agencies.

Francisca (second right) during 2018 Miss Tourism and Culture Universe at Yangon, Vietnam.

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