Sabahan bade RM50,000 for Khalid’s golden boot!

A bidder from Sabah has offered RM50,000 for Khalid Jamlus’ Golden Boot, according to a news report.

However, it remains mystery of the potential buyer from the land below the wind. The offer is five times higher that the reserve price set by the once most feared striker.

Few days ago, the 43-year-old former international footballer has put up that Boot and other medals for auction on auction on Facebook.

The father of two girls and a son, has set the reserve price at RM10,500 for the Boot he won in 2002 after scoring 22 goals in the Malaysian Premier League.

The Perak native said that the Boot is valuable as it was won after having to compete with top notch foreign players.

Being jobless for three years, he decided to sell off his precious belongings when the family was struggling even to buy milk for the children.

Apart from the Golden Boot, Khalid has sold some 30 personal items and memorabilia of his successes to make ends meet.  


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