Sabah Election manifesto should include environmental commitment.

KOTA KINABALU: Environmental non governmental organisation urges politicians to include pledges to safeguard biodiversity in their election manifesto.

Sabah WWF-Malaysia’s conservation head Dr Robecca Jumin said that Covid-19 has affected our lives and livelihoods.

It is even more important now that we ensure a healthy and resilient recovery for people and nature in Sabah.

Dr Robecca Jumin.

In an open letter shared with all political parties in Sabah last week, WWF-Malaysia outlined its six key environmental policies mainly on meeting 30 per cent of totally protected area of Sabah landmass and 13 per cent of marine protected areas; to ensure sustainable oil palm production in Sabah; address poaching issues, among others.

A thriving ecosystem and environment as a whole is an integral part of ensuring the wellbeing of the state and its people.

It is with this in mind that WWF-Malaysia urges political parties and political leaders to ensure that their manifestos factor in the key environmental asks that will benefit not only the environment but also communities and the state. 

“It is only through a thriving ecosystem will we be able to enjoy the benefits from Mother Nature, which includes water, food, shelter, and economic opportunities.

“Therefore, a firm commitment to keeping our biodiversity intact is the first step in ensuring sustainable development for Sabah in the long run.

“By informing voters of your aspirations, plans for sustainable development and highlighting the crucial role of biodiversity on the integrity of the state, you will then allow voters to make informed decisions,” said Dr. Robecca.


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