Daily Covid-19 cases to reach 1,000 on Nov 1?

KOTA KINABALU: Based on the Health Ministry data, a researcher Dato Dr Amar Singh projected that the expected daily Covid-19 numbers will reach 1,000 on Nov 1.

From day-to-day, we have observe that the daily number of cases is increasing. Below is the statistic for half of this month

October 1260
October 2287
October 3317
October 4293
October 5432
October 6691
October 7489
October 8375
October 9354
October 10374
October 11561
October 12563
October 13660
October 14660
October 15
October 16
Ne w daily Covid-19 cases in Malaysia (Oct 2020)

Sadly in Sabah , the state marked its 7th consecutive day on Oct 14 of registering death.

According to Code Blue, about 43 per cent proportion of Sabah’s Covid-19 patients who are sick enough to require hospitalisation.

Dr Amar Singh, who is a senior consultant paediatrician and researcher, replied his followers in his twitter account @Dr AmarMoh that he is hoping that with the Conditional Movement Control Order being placed at high risk areas, the pandemic can be at least put under control.

I certainly hope & pray that will happen with the various MCOS.

But we all need to have behaviour change & better compliance to support national efforts.

Dr Amar Singh
Dr Amar Singh- picture from Persatuan Paediatrik Malaysia

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