Dealing with mask acne

Mask acne, or maskne, is more prominent and significant now as it is an obligation to wear masks when going out nowadays.

I believe that some of you or maybe your friends have whined about the irritation on skins-either it is acne, blackheads, whiteheads, redness…you name it.

Want it or not, wearing mask is a must to prevent from getting sick from the Covid-19 infection. But, there are ways to keep the maskne at bay.

What causes maskne?

The mask, being an additional layer on our face, trapped the moisture from breathing in the mask. It also causes sweat to build up on your skin and clog the pores.

The friction between mask and your skin is also likely to cause redness and irritation.

Steps to avoid maskne

Wear reusable face mask

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If you have sensitive skin, breathable fabric such as cotton will be best as the material is a natural substance in absorbing moisture, it circulates air, too. But, do not forget to check whether the product complies with the World Health Organisation’s criteria to prevent infection at the low risk areas.

Despite the good absorbency material, it is advisable to bring extra reusable mask in case you will be long outside the house. Replace the mask, when you have been wearing it for half day or you have sweat a lot.

Wash the fabric mask immediately upon reaching home and dry them well, preferably under the sun.

Perhaps, mouth wash could also minimise the accumulation of bacteria from the mouth to the skin area.

Your face

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As explained the cause of breakouts, the face, particularly the area covered by the mask would likely to have a lot of bacteria buildup.

Wash you hands before cleansing the face. Avoid from over-exfoliating your skin as it could lead to irritation.

Do apply moisturiser on your face after you remove the mask. Your skin will thank you for the TLC.

Studies show that on average a person will touch his or her face more than 16 times an hour. It is hard not to, but try your best to do as when you do so, a lot of “contamination” will happen.

Nutrition and Sleep

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Drink adequate water. It depends on your body size and weight, the weather and your lifestyle. The thumbs of rule is to drink water of 2/3 of your body weight, and more if it is a hot weather and you just did some workouts.

It sounds cliche, but it is true that you are what you eat. Take more fibres, unprocessed, unsweetened food and beverages. By doing so, your skin does not have to work extra hard in eliminating waste and could concentrate on maintaining the health.

Sleep helps to boost your immune system for the whole body,too.


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