Sabah student with special needs earns global recognition

Press release from Keningau Vocational College

Zico Luck Elvister, a student with a hearing impairment or commonly referred to as deaf, made Keningau Vocational College proud with his recent latest accomplishment.

He was recognized for his contribution in chess tournaments by the global organization, Special Education Network and Inclusion Association (SENIA), with the prestigious World Changer Award in October 2020. 

He became the first Malaysian student to win the award.

Zico Luck Elvister. – photo courtesy of Keningau Vocational College

Zico Luck Elvister was a 17-year-old Kadazan born in Kampung Bangkahak, Kota Belud.  He is currently studying furniture-making at Keningau Vocational College.

He has shown great interest in playing chess since primary school.

In 2019, he represented his vocational college at a national chess championship in Kuala Lumpur where he finished second in the special education category.

He managed to qualify for the international level chess tournament in the same year and became the first runner-up in the similar category.

His accomplishment has proven that students with special needs are highly capable and talented and he has successfully paved ways for other students with disabilities to venture into indoor sports. 

Keningau Vocational College offers various vocational programmes for students with special needs such as dressmaking, furniture making, car service and electrical repair and maintenance.

Students with special needs in the college have attained many successes in co-curricular fields such as sports, arts and innovations.

The director of the college, Johari @ Jaibet Bin Sabin, expressed his pride of Zico’s accomplishment as this proved the institution’s mission in providing opportunities and support for students with special education so they can succeed in the real world without being hindered by their disabilities. 


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