How to survive 2020 or until Dec 2021?

Just like the second World War 2 , this Covid-19 pandemic, civil unrest and other unfortunate events happening this year will eventually past one day.

We still have two months to go (although health experts expect it will continue until end of next year), but let us do our best to survive this year.

Borneo Echo lists down few simple steps that could help you to brace and cope for Covid-19 situation:

1. Stay-at-home , limit unnecessary face-to-face meeting

With the increasing trend of Covid-19 cases nowadays, we cannot help but to stay at home to flatten the curve. Know and understand our selfless action so we won’t contribute to the statistic and affect our vulnerable family members – elderly and those with medical illnesses. This makes choice of confining at home easier.

It is indeed abnormal not to be able to socialise with others in person. But, let’s leverage on the technology to do video call or conferencing or any means to keep tabs with each other. It is not worth risking the health of your friends and yourself just to meet each other in person (the chances of physical contact and removing your mask are there).

For those with pre-existing illnesses especially chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, asthmatic and other conditions, be sure to take precautions.

2. Boost your immune system

Eat healthy food, work out and get enough rest. These are important steps to make you stronger and prevent from contracting virus.

Healthy food refers to vegetables, fruits, lean meats, diary products, and anything that is not processed, fried or too much seasoning (though , it is no harm with occasional cheat days).

Work out for 30 minutes a day will not only boost your immune system but also good for your mental wellbeing. Who knows you might gain that attractive physique when all of us are out in the wood?

Sleep does magic to the wellbeing of your body and mind. Get at least 6 hours or more sleep a day (although staying at home is a good chance to binge on Netflix).

3. Stay informed of current news

By staying informed of the current development, it will help to reduce anxiety. But, do not overwhelm yourself with negative news if they are too much for you. Stay away from social media due to the many “noises” that will affect your mental well-beings.

Keep yourself abreast with only reliable news or direct source of information, limit them to only once a day.

4. Learn new skills

Do not let the time slips through your fingers just like that. Getting confined at home does not mean you should not see personal growth in you.

Take up new skills, learn new knowledge. Be a better version of yourself when Covid-19 is no longer a threat to human beings.

We find that the food industry remains relevant despite the pandemic forcing many industries to shut down. Be a good cook, hone your existing skill, or think of better strategy to market yourself and your food. You might have a good business prospect when the economy is opening up again.

Learn coding , graphic designing, or related computer skills. These are the skills that will still be needed in future.

5. Organise your finances

The future is so uncertain for many of us. It is time to think of organising your finances now by breaking up your budget to essential or non essential items.

Get to know how long you can stretch your savings. Let’s make it 14 months from now until Covid-19 is put to rest.

List down the budget to ensure basic needs is able to be met for that period. Cut down unnecessary expenditure such as gym membership, terminate or downgrade any subscription, do all you can to survive.

For loans with the bank, as the moratorium service has ended last month. It is best to go to the bank and discuss the repayment loans to avoid bad credit rating.

For those with extra, do not forget to continue contributing to charity. They still need you.


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