Plastic-free lifestyle for future generations.

Do you know that Malaysia was ranked as 8th among the top ten countries with mismanaged plastic waste in the world. Definitely, it is nothing to proud of.

A study (Jenna R. Jambeck et al) also showed Malaysia had produced 0.94 million tons of plastic wastes which up to 40 per cent of them have been washed into the ocean.

In short, plastic makes our life convenient but it is also the source of land and marine contamination, kills marine life as well as as your fish may go to your body…together with microplastic.

Reducing plastic in your household is indeed an uphill task, in the beginning, your family members might think it is absurd and unnecessary to do so.

Plastic pollution does not seem real as they are often discarded or cleared from the house after being used….even once.

To bring your family members and friends in the course of being more environmental friendly, try collect all those plastic and used bottles at home for few months. They will notice and be surprised on the amount of plastics a household could produce.

Borneoecho would like to share few simple tips on how to join the plastic-free lifestyle.

Opt for soap bars, refillable liquid or powder, food among others.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

As the movement towards reducing plastic campaign is going trendy, there are many soap, shampoo and conditioner in the forms of bar . Sometimes, instead of using plastic for packaging, they either use paper or just leave it like that.

If you are the one who prefer them in liquid form, there are shops that offer refills for personal care. Some even sell bulk food for you to bring home using your own containers or jars.

Reuse plastic, bring lunchbox and tumbler while buying food.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

There is “environmentalist”s quote saying that a person who is environmental friendly is cool, pretty and macho. Literally, one is actually saving the earth by refusing plastic.

When you buy grocery, bring your own bag. It is sad to see that most supermarkets are already wrapping their food in plastic…we do not want to compound more waste into the landfill by

Go for dine in. Or…have your lunch or dinner packed in a reusable container; while coffee or water in your tumbler. Guess what? sometimes you get more of their standard portion because of the different size of your container and bottle.

More often, we tend to leave with no choice when we forget to bring ours. Opt out for unnecessary plastic cutlery and plastic to carry your food. Take note of restaurants that also go green like you. Some invested in biodegradable materials made from plants for takeaway packaging.

That is why it is better to make it a habit to keep bags, containers and tumblers in your car before leaving anywhere.

Upcyle plastic

Photo by ready made on Pexels.com

Give plastic another chance to serve the humanity….this is challenging, but is doable. Here are few tips to make use of them instead of discarding them straight to the bin.

  1. Food plastic container can be used to arrange your chicken, beef, fish and vegetables in the fridge. Because of its transparency, it will help you apply marie kondo on sort things at home.
  2. Beverage cup. Oh, many green fingers would love to have them for their next garden and farm projects.
  3. Ecobricks. Stuff those plastic, even small sweets wrapper into a drinking bottle. You will be surprised that it can really be used as a brick.
  4. handbags and jewellery. Yes, Upcycled shack has done it with the local community in turning those colorful milo and nescafe packaging into valuable items, take a guess how much they are sold?

Reusable face mask, instead of one-off

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Yes, we cannot live without these face masks!!! But how many times have you encountered soiled masks on the street since the pandemic hits our country? What are the odds that they would not go into the sea?

World Health Organisation has came out with guidelines that it is safe for those at non hospital setting to use 3-ply fabric masks while going out in the public.

Despite the price of masks is getting cheaper nowadays, but we have to remember that the price of reversing all this pollution would be exorbitantly expensive.

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