Sumandak Sabah duo express feelings via “Insan Tadau”

For Sabahan songbird, Marsha Milan said 2020 , or Covid-19 pandemic year, has changed people’s lives in so many ways.

“I feel emotional and worried about the people I love, especially my parents.

“The travel restriction has made it difficult for me to go back to Sabah to visit them nowadays, and I do feel for those people who are away from their loved ones – it is not easy.”

Her sorrow has somehow being translated into a newly released dusun ballad song dubbed “Insan Tadau” with Velvet Aduk.

Known for their trademark catchy duets ‘Sumandak Sabah’ and ‘Oi Gaman’ which have gained millions of views on YouTube, Velvet and Marsha have decided to mellow it down by crafting their first-ever ballad tune this time around.

Insan Tadau is a song about loving and losing someone, an experience that everyone can relate to in life.

Newly released Insan Tadau song by Velvet and Marsha

The song is written purely in Dusun language and according to Velvet (who also wrote the song), she needed a vessel to express her feelings about the current situation where the question of life and death seems to be inevitable.

However, the song is not specifically about the Covid-19 pandemic, but rather to emphasize the story of cherishing the moments that you have with your loved ones and facing the harsh reality of losing them one day. 

Velvet and Marsha recorded this song in separate locations (Velvet in Kota Kinabalu and Marsha in Kuala Lumpur).

“It is really interesting to record a Dusun song while being guided by a non-Dusun/non-Sabahan throughout my session.

“Even shooting the video clip was a new experience for us where everything is done virtually. Thankfully, our team managed to get some help from the public to join our movement by sharing their stories via video clips. We appreciate that they were excited to participate without much hesitation.

“These clips will be compiled in our upcoming music video and we are grateful for all those involved in making our music video a success,” Marsha added.

As for Velvet, she feels that it is vocally challenging for both of them because they have to ensure proper synchronization and harmony while doing it separately.


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