Keningau Vocational College all-female team wins global hackathon

Press release from Keningau Vocational College

An all-female team of students from Keningau Vocational College was one of the five winners of Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Youth Hackathon co-organized by UNESCO and the Republic of Korea from 5 to 27 October 2020.

After two intensive weeks of online training and mentoring, the team submitted their pitch video on 20th October and they were announced as one of the global winners in the community-based innovation category on 26 October 2020, along with a team from the United States. 

There were three other categories: games, websites and applications that were respectively won by teams from the Philippines, Mexico and Uganda.

There were 24 teams whose applications were selected for this hackathon and these four students who named their team “Nokuro Sumandak” were the only Malaysian representatives.

The theme of the hackathon was tackling the spread of false and misleading information related to the ongoing pandemic.

Photo courtesy of Keningau Vocational College

Alesyah Asa, Nur Syahirah Ariffin, Gabriella George and Nezatul Fazlyin Zainal proposed a program that trains school teachers on research and evaluation strategies which they can integrate into their classroom teaching.

They believed that education is the most powerful tool in educating the society to play their parts in preventing the circulation of fake news and online rumors related to any issues. 

Along with their teachers, they planned to develop this idea further so they can carry it out properly in the future. 

Keningau Vocational College is known for its international accomplishments in various fields such as Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) and Special Educational Needs (SEN).

It is clear that they continue to explore new area with this recent achievement in Media and Information Literacy.

Its director Johari @ Jaibet Bin Sabin attributed the school’s success to teamwork, discipline and dedication of the students and the staff.


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