Sabah teacher to present his mobile app in Tokyo virtual conference

Press release from Keningau Vocational College

Lerry David, a 28-year-old Malay language teacher of Dusun descent from Keningau Vocational College, was delighted to find out that his project on a mobile app has been accepted to be presented at International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning which will be virtually hosted in Tokyo, Japan, on 14-15 December 2020.

The conference, which was organized by Eurasia Research, selected its presenters based on the quality of their projects and Lerry felt proud to represent Malaysia in such a prestigious event.

At the virtual conference, he will be demonstrating his application that he developed to teach his students on how to write essays. He stated that they continue to struggle to remember the key elements in writing a good essay and this can be attributed to their lack of interest in paper-based materials.

Lerry David, 28, develops Bijak Karangan application to help students improve their Bahasa Melayu essay writting technique. – photo courtesy of Keningau Vocational College

Lerry, who was the head warden for the school hostel, was inspired to develop this application to reach out to his students who had to do their study at homes as schools closed for the second time on early October 2020 due to the resurgence of COVID 19 cases.

He argued that since remote learning is the new norm in education, it is essential for teachers to be able to create their own technology-based tools in teaching their students.

Although there are many mobile apps available for downloads, he preferred to develop his own so he could tailor the features and functions of his app to meet his students’ learning needs.

He recently presented his app at his school virtual meeting attended by over 100 teachers and it received positive feedback from his colleagues.

As the manager of the school’s volleyball team, he played a vital role in helping the team win the national championship in men’s category among vocational colleges in 2019.

He graduated from Sultan Idris Education University in 2016 where he once served as the president of the Malay Literature Club. He is also active in singing and writing short stories and poems as he won several competitions related to these areas.


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