Wildlife rescue installs crocodile trap

TUARAN: Following a report of a teenager being attacked by a crocodile, Sabah Wildlife Rescue unit (WRU) installs a trap for the reptile today.

On Friday, the 16-year-old  Azlan Arif Abdullah managed to escape from being eaten by the 1.52 metre crocodile at Sungai Kampung Mengkabong here after his six friends “bashed” and injured the eyes of the reptile.

At that time they were  looking for clams and river snails while trying to cross the river.

Azlan, however,  sustained injuries to his right leg and abdomen in the 3.30pm incident.

“WRU received a report of a crocodile attack in Kampung Buasa, Mengkabong, Tuaran and croc team rushed to the area to set up a trap.

“The WRU croc team has put a trap in place in the hopes of a humane capture and release of the crocodile,” according to the WRU page.

Local villagers are also monitoring the trap to assist the WRU team.


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