Only RM100 for major road construction in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU: The road and bridge development allocation in Sabah had been reduced from RM412 million to RM153 million, which is more than halved.

During a debate for Budget 2021 bill, Kota Kinabalu member of parliament Chan Foong Hin had then questioned the Works Ministry why only RM100 had been allocated for construction of major roads in Sabah (under code 05100).

“This sum of RM100 is so small, a significant drop from RM60 million in 2020 that I could not believe my eyes seeing it in the budget booklet.

“It was such a ridiculous sum that I have questioned the ministry whether there had been a typo error.”

On 24th November, Chan had received a written answer from the Works Ministry which confirmed it is indeed allocating a token sum of RM100 respectively.

“The Ministry had stated that the RM100 was to merely to keep the code in existence (bertujuan untuk memastikan butiran kod… akan terus wujud) for existing project such as the Jalan Donggongon ke Simpang Papar Spur.”

The written answer signifies that the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government has no serious plan to construct and repair roads in Sabah.

This government is saying that since there is already an allocation of RM412 million back in 2020 for roads such as Jalan Donggongon ke Simpang Papar Spur, Persimpangan Lido, Jalan Lintas, Libaran Bypass and RM 1 billion allocation remained for the Pan Borneo Highway construction, it is alright to neglect the rest of Sabah and allocate nothing whatsoever for any other major roads construction and/or roads repair in Sabah.

-Chan Foong Hin-

Chan added roads construction in Sabah is not just about the Pan Borneo Highway.

He said there are many other rural villages are still disconnected to the main roads.

Roads are crucial to economic development and growth whereby it brings important social benefits. A good road network is central in fighting against poverty by providing access to employment, social, health and education services.


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