EMCO: Cooperate for everyone’s benefits.

KOTA BELUD: People have to have faith in the government’s decision when it comes to the implementation of measures to contain Covid-19 infection. 

Kota Belud PPBM Bersatu division chief Datuk Japlin Akim said he hoped the people at Kampung Timbang Dayang here will be patient as the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) is being extended to Jan 18.

He added that such a decision is made with its rationale and for the benefits of the people. 

“The 14-day EMCO before this has shown some success and people should put trust in the government which aims to ensure the areas are fully free from Covid-19 infections.

“As we all know, the government will also ensure people have access to daily food and necessities,” he said in a statement after distributing 100 food packs to the people yesterday.


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