There is no place for dirty money in sports.

There is no place for dirty money in sports. The local media recently reported that a Malaysian was handed a lifetime ban by the Badminton World Federation for match fixing.

Sports is beautiful and it brings out the best in every athlete regardless if they are competing for country or pride.

Sportsmanship and dirty money simply don’t mix. It tarnishes the good image of the sport.

The road to the final of any sporting event takes plenty of preparation, training and sweat.

The hard work and merit of every athlete must be respected. At times pride and honour is all one athlete has.

Any win or defeat in sports regardless of discipline is a show of skill and talent.

There is absolutely no currency in the world that should ever decide the outcome of any game.

Match fixing is a plague. I first heard of the term as a boy and it amplified in subsequent years.

I still hear it today. It is my sincere hope it will come to a halt. It is something I want the future generation to only know it as a part of history, and not part of life.

Play for pride. Compete for patriotism.

Above is the opinion of our loyal reader Yeap Ming Liong, Subang Jaya and it has no affiliation to Borneo Echo.


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