OPINION: Dispose used face masks properly

It is regrettable that there are still individuals who indiscriminately throw their used face masks onto our public roads.

Malaysia is still not out of the clouds yet with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have to stop the chain of infection, and yet there are still selfish people who dispose their used face masks onto roads, out of their cars and in some cases leaving it on their plates in restaurants once done with their meals leaving the poor cleaner to clear it.

Please stop this nonsense. You take measures to protect yourself but your litterbug attitude shows how no care is given to others or even society.

The sight of used face masks littered all around parking areas and roads is all too common in business areas where there is high foot traffic. I even see them in residential parks where young children are present.

These used and at time soiled masks are a biological hazard and should be treated as one. If one is to carelessly throw them onto our public roads it just contributes to the dangers of Covid-19. Not to mention the risk it poses to Mother Nature.

Countless reminders have been ongoing and yet people still do not take heed. This littering attitude has long been a plague to our nation before the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is just a spill over effect when it comes to the indiscriminate disposing of used face masks.

I would like to strongly urge these litterbugs and irresponsible individuals to reflect on what you are doing. You are harming society with your actions and creating a vicious cycle.

Please put a halt to your selfish actions. Care for everyone. We live in a shared environment and world. Your actions are raking up a high cost and god forbid no one has to pay for it with dear life.

Dispose your used face masks safely and properly.

Yeap Ming Liong
Subang Jaya, Selangor

Disclaimer: This is merely the opinion of contributor and does not reflect Borneo Echo’s

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