Nita the baby elephant euthanised after suffering health complications

Press release issued by Sabah Wildlife Department

KOTA KINABALU, 12 March 2021: A baby elephant affectionately called Nita had to be euthanised due to serious complications following injuries she suffered prior to her rescue some 20 months ago.

Sabah Wildlife Director Augustine Tuuga said Nita was an elephant calf rescued by Wildlife rescue Unit at only a month-old in an oil palm estate in Tawau.

“It is believed that its herd left it behind during an elephant control conducted by the authorities as she could not keep up with the herd.

“The calf had sustained injuries and wounds that needed to be treated, hence, it was brought to Borneo Elephant Sanctuary in Kinabatangan.

“Earlier this year, Nita was seen limping in her enclosure and radiographs were taken. Unfortunately her previous fractures were aggravated as images revealed there were broken bones and Nita was diagnosed with bilateral supracondylar fracture,” he said.

Farewell Nita. (Pic for representational purpose only)

The vets did a procedure to put fiberglass cast on the limb in hopes to repair the fracture. A team of orthopaedic specialists from Hospital Duchess of Kent Sandakan was also consulted,” said Tuuga.

Despite the intensive care given, he said Nita wasn’t improving and her condition got worse to the extend it was severely compromising her welfare.

“The fractures she attained were beyond repair. The vets had to make the hardest decision to end her misery. We grieve for the loss of such a sweetheart,” concluded Tuuga

“These are the things that give us wildlife veterinarians sleepless nights … knowing as much as we tried our best, sometimes we lose some battles,” said Dr Sen Nathan, who attended to Nita’s injury.

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