OPINION: Amatuer Radio: Beyond just a hobby

World Amateur Radio Day was celebrated across the globe on April 18th. It gives me great pleasure to extend my greetings to my fellow Malaysian Amateur Radio operators. Amateur radio or fondly known as Ham Radio is a popular activity and service across the globe.

Whenever I mentioned that I am an amateur radio operator. Some young friends I come across vaguely know the concept while some are completely loss, and tell me they have never heard of such a thing.

It all started when I was in a cab as a child seeing how the taxi driver operated his two-way mobile rig installed in his vehicle.

I then took this fascination with ham radio a notch higher by sitting for my Radio Amateur Examination organised by the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), and eventually got my amateur radio operator license bearing the call sign 9W2 KYU.

Now, amateur radio is not merely a hobby. It has aided greatly in the communication scene especially during Search and Rescue (SAR ) operations. I know of some amateur radio enthusiasts club such as the Malaysian Amateur Radio Emergency service (MARES) which has aided in emergency radio communications during several major disasters in the country.

I urge the public to get involve in the world of amateur radio. Get in touch with enthusiasts clubs such as the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitter Society (MARTS) and MARES and familiarise yourself with the different type of radio equipment.

You might just fall in love with ham radio the same way I did, and might also dwell into the world of Morse Code.

Amateur radio might be losing its appeal. However, I urge everyone not to let the ‘old faithful’ fade into the sunset. This, as ham radio really goes beyond being a hobby.

The tagline of “Ham radio works, when all else fails” will always rings true in times of need.

Associate Captain (Civil Defence) Yeap Ming Liong
Malaysian Amateur Radio, call sign, 9W2 KYU


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