airasia super app to digitalise business in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU: The airasia super app is looking forward to support Sabah’s local and traditional merchants in digitising their business and diversifying their revenue stream

Sabah state capital becomes the first in East Malaysia for the expansion of airasia food, and airasia fresh, the food delivery platform and fresh groceries shopping platform for the airasia super app respectively.

Backed by the airasia super app ecosystem and Teleport’s (airasia Digital’s logistic venture) logistics infrastructure, airasia food aims to disrupt the food delivery scene in Kota Kinabalu by offering a seamless solution for merchants with the lowest commission rate in town at only 15 per cent.

airasia super app e-commerce head Lim Ben Jie said it became their priority to penetrate east Malaysia market with Kota Kinabalu.

“A city with rich cultural heritage and growing industrial and commercial businesses, the food and fresh groceries delivery scene has much more potential to grow.

“We welcome all F&B and fresh produce operators across Kota Kinabalu to register their interests with us.

“We can’t wait to curate exciting deals and promotions on airasia food and airasia fresh for everyone in Kota Kinabalu!”

Merchants have alternative for food deliver solutions

Aside from the lower commission rate, merchants can have full control over their menu, pricing and easy access to data aside from being able to communicate directly with their customers.

They will also receive support from a dedicated account manager who will assist in bringing the F&B businesses online, provide system support on data analytics and monitoring. 

Keeping the local economy growing, airasia fresh works with homegrown and organic farmers, trusted frozen foods, seafood and meat distributors, and small businesses in supplying customers with the best products.

Merchants on airasia fresh’s marketplace can enjoy competitive commission and reliable deliveries by Teleport to ensure freshness of the product. 

Registration for interested applicants.

Individuals who are interested to be a part of the airasia delivery team can sign up via this page here.


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