UN speaks out despite risk of being disqualified.

KOTA KINABALU: The pay-per-vote system to choose the top 21 among 69 contestants drew negative feedback among the public including the participants.

Despite knowing that she might be disqualified or losing votes among supporters, Unduk Ngadau Flores Cuthbert representing Tanjung Aru speaks out her reluctance to have people spend their money on her.

In her Facebook page, Flores Bibi, said that she was thankful to have been at the stage of Hongkod Koisaan in previous year and now has once again won the district level to represent Tanjung Aru.

“It is not that I do support the Unduk Ngadau system this year, but I cannot be selfish. At this time, many are struggling financially with some only have enough to provide food on table.

“However, if you would like to support me, it is better to collect fund to produce Kadazandusun dictionaries,” she said, adding, her statement however did not mean people should not support other contestants.

Flores added that her decision does not also mean that she has given up before the final competitions.

For her, winning the Unduk Ngadau is not everything but more to using the title to spread kindness and help others.

“From the beginning, my aim to join this competition is to reach out the Kadazandusunmurut community and to dignify the tradition and languages.

“But during this pandemic, I would like to use this platform to those who are in need, in trouble..”

Unduk Ngadau Borderless Kaamatan cancelled vote-buying results

Following public outcy of the unfair judging criteria, its chairperson Joanna Kitingan changed it evaluation based on professional judges.

The highest paid votes obtained from the system, she said, would be for the “Most Popular” title with the fund collected to be channeled to Makatip Shelter Home in Tambunan.


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