The supportive woman behind UN 2021 Maya Hejnowska

It is her first pageant, whether on stage or media interview, Maya Hejnowska fared so well. Could the confidence come with great support from her mother?

PENAMPANG: Jenne Lajiun, the mother of newly crowned Unduk Ngadau, was more than proud to see Maya Hejnowska performed on the stage of Hongkod Koisaan in Penampang.

“When I listened to the way she answered questions, she had the self confidence. I would not be able to do the same if I were at the stage like that.

“So yes, I am proud of her. Brave and confident, I feel like my late mom would be smiling if she saw Maya’s performance,” said Jenne who was present at the venue for press coverage yesterday.

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The top three Unduk Ngadau 2021
The top three Unduk Ngadau 2021- Picture by Aizad

The mother of three was not only be there for the 21-year-old Universiti Malaysia Sabah music student during the grand finale but eversince she granted her blessing for Maya to take part in the Unduk Ngadau.

Jenne said it was out of the blue when Maya asked for permission to join the pageant this year as she had refused the offer before.

“It could be her friends who encouraged her. She asked for blessing from me, if I had said ‘no’, she would not go for it.

“However, I didn’t think of stopping her so I just gave my blessing,” she said, adding Maya had also asked her to pray morning rosary on the day of the final.

Tiga Kali Satu Hari- KupiKupi FM video clip
Tiga Kali Satu Hari- KupiKupi FM video clip

Like most doting mothers, Jenne became protective when it came to cyberbullying against Maya, which among them were threatening if Maya was going to join another talent contest or questioning Maya being mixed-parentage.

She was also against with the vote-buying judging criteria as she thought that the less privileged unduk ngadau would not benefit from it. Luckily, following public criticism and online petition, the organiser decided to scrap the system.

Not only Maya, but all of three kids are my favourite

“I hope they all think of themselves as my favourite. I try to have time for all of them. We talk a lot. I like ‘spoiling’ my kids with the knowledge that I love them. It seems that the more I give to them, the more they return the favor.”

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