Joanna Kitingan leaves molest case to police

KOTA KINABALU: Unduk Ngadau Borderless Kaamatan 2021 will let police do further investigation over alleged molestation of a contestant.

The chairperson Joanna Kitingan said they had done its best to organise the Unduk Ngadau 2021.

“Each district coordinator had also carried out their duties.This has been one of the most challenging time.

“As for the police report that has gone viral, we have no further comment to make because let the police do their further investigations,” she said in a statement.

The police report was made on May 21, 10 days before the final on May 31.

Thorough investigation, regardless of accused’ background.

Ketua Polis Sabah Hazani Ghazali
Ketua Polis Sabah Hazani Ghazali

State Police Commissioner Datuk Hazani Ghazali said the police would conduct the probe transparently and in details regardless of the accused’s background.

He added police would call in the complainant to get more details and hand over the reports to state attorney-general office for further action.


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