Have faith in the Ministry of Health

KOTA KINABALU: Public should have faith with the Health Ministry who is working diligently and sincerely to battle the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) vice president Gee Tien Siong said the medical experts in the country are constantly working hard to pass the correct information, facts about the COVID-19 virus, its prevention and vaccination to the public through various media channels, including newspapers in various languages, radio, television, and online media.

“Malaysians must have confidence in the Ministry of Health, because this ministry and its agencies and authorities are bearing full and heavy responsibility of the people’s health across the country.

“Everyday our frontliners are putting their best efforts in fighting and to ensure the general public survive the epidemic safely, “he said, in a statement.

Gee, who is also Luyang Community Development Leader (PPM), said however, a lot of fake news from various sources of unknown origin including unverified, scientifically unproven alternative remedies, myths, and some even to the extent of demonizing the vaccines.

“Allegations that “daily statistics are fictional”, and a “political conspiracy” and so forth have emerged in our local communities. These untruths are confusing many Malaysians, including Sabahans.

“Disseminations of such nature have their bad intentions and these people do not bear any responsibility for the consequences that may befall others who believe them. Once the people develop symptoms, they eventually have to go to hospital and seek help from doctors.

“It is horrifying that many opposition leaders who received their vaccinations quietly, stayed mum, failed to stand up to refute those fake news, but had helped to “promote” them instead, advocating resentment and creating distrust of civil servants and law enforcement agencies.

“Dividing the people towards this pandemic is extremely irresponsible, hindering the country from getting out of the pandemic and is intensifying workload and pressure on our medical team. Political leaders should love their people as much as themselves, and should make use of their influences to preach the correct information to their supporters,” Gee said.

“Everyone must clearly understand that the only way to get the country out of the pandemic is to achieve herd immunity through vaccination. There is no other way. Without herd immunity, even though an area successfully maintains zero cases for a period of time, is still vulnerable to infections from outside source.

He added that Taiwan is a living example: Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSEGIS) shows that Taiwan has no more than 10 new cases on 7-day average from 20 April 2020 till 9 May 2021 (384 days in total).

“But since the 16th May 2021, there have been no less than 200 new cases per day (recorded 723 cases in 22 May 2021 alone).


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