Men should speak up against sexual harrassment.

KOTA KINABALU: Women in Sabah’s Expression (WiSE) wants to reframe the issue from a women’s concern to men’s issue.

Globally, a staggering 1 in every 3 women has experienced sexual harrasment in their lifetime.

“As the world waking up to how deeply pervasive the issue is, it also needs to face the reality that the silence of the bystanders is a form of consent or complicity. 

“When our society hears the word “women’s issue”, we tend to think “oh, it’s for women only”. It’s worrying how men have been erased or silenced from the conversation of the subject that is centrally about men.

“In light of the recent statement made by Marcel Jude, We at WiSE insist that we need to reframe the issue from a women’s concern to men’s issue.,” it said in a statement.

On another note, WiSE would also like to take this  opportunity to thank our male counterparts for being great allies to women especially to stand up and voicing out against sexual harassment.

We need more men to speak up against sexism. We need more men to stand up for women’s safety. We need more men to speak up for women’s cause.

Hence, we plead all fathers, brothers and husbands to help us make a stand against sexual harassment. This is not women’s problem alone. It could be your daughters, wives or mothers and even yourself.

Neither does this  about being a hero or mere noise on what is trending, this is about sculpturing the society and the next generation into a better civilised human.

“With respect comes respect. We believe in the society where men are perceived as the protector, this is your opportunity to step up.

“The women who are considered as the weaker species are stepping up. We are waiting for your supporting hand in aid on this matter.”


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