CapBay Introduces Malaysia’s First Guaranteed P2P Investment

KUALA LUMPUR, 13 July 2021 – CAPBAY, a Malaysian Multi-Bank Supply Chain Finance and Peer-to-Peer Financing (P2P) platform launches CapBay Assure; a guarantee programme that protects an investor’s principal and interest through a reserve fund while ensuring net returns (after fees) of up to 6% p.a.

The Assure Programme is a first-in-market that is designed to guarantee principal and interest payouts via a reserve fund that maintains a coverage ratio which is three to five times the expected default rate. 

“We introduced this programme due to strong investor demand for a safer P2P investment option that still yields higher returns compared to fixed deposits or money market funds.

“We believe that it is the right time to launch Assure on the back of the low interest rate environment and the current general economic concerns,” said CapBay’s Co-founder and CEO Ang Xing Xian, adding that CapBay Assure also translates the Company’s mission to make not only financing, but also investment opportunities accessible to all levels of society. 

The structure of the programme gives more cautious investors an option to significantly reduce their risks in exchange for slightly lower returns.

While the company managed to maintain its 0 per cent default rate throughout the pandemic, CapBay Assure will give investors greater confidence and is an important milestone in making P2P investments mainstream.

CapBay was part of the second batch of P2P licence recipients in 2019 and launched its P2P platform amidst the COVID-19 situation with the intention of widening investment opportunities and providing access to financing to underserved SMEs.

Since then, they have surpassed the RM300 million financing mark for P2P, setting a new record for the shortest time to achieve RM100 million among its peers.

The CapBay Group, which includes their multi-bank supply chain finance platform, has been operating since 2017 and has surpassed RM1.2 billion in transactions.

Invest in safer asset class backed by government and large corporate receivables while earning stable returns 

Through its strategic partnership with top institutions, CapBay enables investors to invest alongside institutional investors in a safer asset class that is backed by government and corporate receivables, yielding net returns of up to 10% p.a.

CapBay’s technological expertise differentiates itself by offering lower risk and higher quality investment notes.  

“Through robust risk management and advanced credit scoring, we ensure our investors’ interests are protected.

“Since the implementation of MCO, we are aware that investors are actively looking for higher quality investment products that are low risk while also generating steady returns. CapBay aims to fill this gap,” added Ang.

CapBay’s expertise in the area of technology has earned them the prestigious award of “Fintech Startup of the Year” by The Triple A Digital Awards. This accolade marks CapBay as the first and only Malaysian fintech startup to be acknowledged with such recognition.

Recently, CapBay secured their Series A funding to further strengthen its technological infrastructure to enable efficient financing and market expansion in order to reach a wide range of investors and underserved SMEs. CapBay’s impressive business performance laid the foundation for successful fundraising. 

For more information on CapBay Assure, please visit

To begin your investing journey with CapBay, visit  


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