Health DG reminds contract workers of their oath.

KOTA KINABALU: Contract workers in the government healthcare sector are urged not to join the planned hartal tomorrow.

Health Director-General Tan Sri Noor Hisham Abdullah reminded his fellow colleagues, doctors and healthcare of the oath they all made when began our profession.

“`primum non nocere’ first do no harm or injustice to our patients.

“To our junior colleagues on contract post, I urge all of you, please do not join the demonstration and abandon your duty to your patients.

“Remember many lives are on the line and the demonstration could affect their lives and even your career,” he said in a Facebook post.

Dr Noor Hisham, who is also Malaysian Medical Council president, said he understood their wish to continue serving the Ministry in a permanent post.

Currently, the Government has announced a two years extension of the contract position.

This is to give time for the amendment to be made to the pension Act so that permanent positions can be allowed to be employed with EPF i.e. without pension option.

Meanwhile the Government will allow those in contract position to continue their masters even in contract position and will offer the permanent EPF position once made available.

“I wish to remind all that patient’s safety is our priority.

“Remember the oath we took sincerely and be there for your patients at the time when they and country needed you the most.

“We are the last bastion of defence to make a difference to our patients and every life matters.”

Queen Elizabeth hospital and Tawau hospital are part of the hartal movement on July 26 at 11am.

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