Infrastructure projects in Sabah go wrong?

KOTA KINABALU: The Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin’s work visit to Sabah revealed infrastructure projects meant for the healthcare have failed miserably.

During his visit at the Papar hospital, which is about an hour from here, he found out that the new hospital building was only completed for 22 per cent.

“I was told that the project was supposed to complete last year. However, up until now, the development progress was only at 22 per cent.

“Therefore, after this, I will meet with the Public Works senior minister to discuss and decided the next steps to be taken. We will look into the causes of delay.

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on

“Among the choices, include to terminate the contract with existing contractors. The Health Ministry will also decide on actions to be taken against those contractors,” he said adding Papar requires bigger facility to accommodate the increasing demands from the growing population.

Apart from the new building, Khairy also found that the newly completed operation theatre at the old Papar hospital is unusable as it did not meet the specifications.

Tawau hospital upgrading work delayed by more than a year

Khairy’s visit to Tawau also found that the upgrading work of the district hospital was supposed to complete in May 25 last year but it was delayed due to the movement control order.

The project, when completed, will provide 154 beds, six operation halls, radiology department, helipad and an outpatient department.

It is an important building as many cases at the east coast of Sabah have to be referred to the Queen Elizabeth hospital in the state capital.

Khairy (centre) inspecting Tawau hospital upgrading project
Khairy (centre) inspecting Tawau hospital upgrading project

“However, the progress to upgrade the Tawau hospital as of August 2021 was only 61 per cent and the completion date is extended to April 2022.

“However, based on the current progress and situation, this project will need more time than given extension to be fully completed,” he said.

Taking into consideration of further extension, Khairy had visited Tawau old airport to be used as a temporary field hospital to treat Covid-19 cases.

The field hospital will set up at the 4.8 acres of land to accommodate 108 beds and two operation theatres.

Half-baked skybridge leads to…?

Skybridge pictures by netizen
RM31.5 million KK Skybridge that leads to dead end…

The RM31.5 million skybridge, which is supposed to be for the safety and comfort of the residents and vistors, becomes a laughing stock after the news of the structure being launched as ready by Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor.

The air-conditioned bridge is supposed to connect commercial buildings Asia City, Api-Api Commercial Centre , Warisan Square and Oceanus Mall here.

However, for Centre Point Sabah mall, the structure leads users to dead end. Worse of all, there is no other exit other than having to turn back and jaywalk to cross to the building.

SAPP spokesperson Gee Tien Siong defended that the Skybridge design did not include Center Point Sabah and mall management had to take responsibility of the connection, which is hoped they would do it after the movement control order.


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