Genashtim-SCENIC to tackle unemployment via specialised remote work job portal

KOTA KINABALU, 21 OCTOBER 2021: A for-profit social organisation Genashtim has teamed up with Sabah Creative Economy and Innovation Centre (SCENIC) to help Sabahans find remote work via specialised online career search tool.

Launched in August, the Jobs-10G platform aims to link job seekers with potential employers not only within the nation, but also across Asia-Pacific.

Endorsed by SCENIC, the specialised job-seeking portal aspires to assist those, who are having difficulty finding employment, physical or social limitations, or have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and to connect them to the global economy through remote work.

Genashtim Chief Executive Officer Thomas Ng said they would work with SCENIC to support Sabah people in maximising internet use, specifically in accessing work opportunities.

“We can only recruit a limited amount of people from marginalised groups with the resources we have. We can, however, replicate this with Jobs-10G by encouraging other organisations to tap into these undervalued individuals.

“Society will advance if more firms recruit and empower these hidden and forgotten workforce. This then will eventually lead to nation-building,” he said, inviting interested jobseekers and companies to sign up on

Genashtim CEO Thomas Ng

Thomas noted deserving applicants from Sabah would benefit from Genashtim training that is designed to prepare them for the remote work environment.

“Thus, they will be better equipped with the necessary skillsets so they can take advantage of employment opportunities from both local and global companies that post job openings at the Jobs-10G platform,” he added.

Meanwhile, SCENIC General Manager Viviantie Sarjuni said the partnership initiative fits perfectly with their mission to connect globally competent talents to various stakeholders and to create greater impact.

This project, she stressed, aims to provide opportunities for Sabahans to obtain work access and stand a chance to be hired by companies across the APAC key markets such as Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

“We need to explore as many job opportunities as we can for our Sabahan talents by working strategically with federal agencies and corporate companies outside the state to ensure more Sabahans are being given the opportunity.

“Remote working jobs has become more relevant nowadays with the Covid-19 pandemic situation forcing both employers and employees to explore this way of making a living,” she said.

SCENIC general manager Viviantie Sarjuni

Jobs-10G’s target demography for this initiative will be the marginalised community, especially the people under the poverty line, rural and indigenous communities, persons with disabilities, and the unemployed.

Jobs-10G project is a recipient of the Social Impact Matching (SIM) Grant, an initiative introduced by PENJANA, which is administered by the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), and supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

Jobs-10G is created according to Genashtim’s prescient beliefs – the future of work is no longer confined to a specific site and that employability transcends physical limitations, social barriers, and borders.


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