2022 Budget: A pro-growth and timely for SME

KUALA LUMPUR: Small and Medium Enterprises Association (SAMENTA) describes 2022 Budget as pro-growth and is timely in supporting businesses, especially SMEs, in recovery post-pandemic.

Its chairman Datuk William Ng said SAMENTA were glad that the government has heeded their plea for a wage subsidy for rehiring of workers.

“This is crucial as most SMEs who are on a recovery mood are cash strapped to procure raw materials and to re-hire workers. This has now been announced as JaminKerja with subsidy of up to 30 percent.

“For SMEs who are cash strapped, we are happy that the government has announced measures such as instalment for corporate income tax, as well as additional funds of up to RM 40 billion under the SemarakNiaga initiative.

“Most importantly, we are relieved that there are no new taxes imposed on businesses – at a time when most businesses are struggling and are only now getting on their feet”.

Ng, however, said they would remain hopeful that their proposal for 30 percent of government
procurement to be allotted to SME vendors would still be considered by the government for implementation in 2022.

He added that it would not involve additional budget or funds on the part of the government as the procurement are for products and services that the government will be requiring anyway.


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