Reef Guardian launches LAN.KA.YAN book.

KOTA KINABALU: Reef Guardian has launched a book entitled “LAN.KA.YAN Paradise Island Found”

”This book had actually reached us last year but when the Covid-19 pandemic hits, many restrictions follow suit, delaying all progresses. So, we prioritised our works on the field instead, and put the book launching on hold.

“And here we are, after enduring almost two years of the pandemic, we are delighted to present you this coffee table book, which features a brief history of Lankayan Island,” the non-governmental organisation posted in its Facebook Page.

The book acknowledges the ideas and efforts by several indidividuals including former Sabah Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Chong Kah Kiat, the former Sabah Wildlife Department director the late Datuk Patrick Andau, Mr Don Baker, Mr Ricky Chin and Haji Bambi among others.

It is to highlight the works in saving the islands of Lankayan, Billean and Tegaipil and their surroundings from environmental degradation, and turning this expanse of areas into the first privately managed marine protected area in Malaysia.

It is penned by Reef Guardian lead marine biologist Dr. Achier Chung, and endorsed by managing director Mr. Kenneth Chung.

The photo-filled book also includes insights from over more than a decade of field experiences and observations on the island and at the sea from coral spawning, whale shark sightings, success stories of sea turtle nesting monitoring programme, the marine biodiversity, and the challenges that the Reef Guardian have faced over the years in protecting the marine wildlife and habitats.

Those interested to buy the book, can do so by email them at

“The proceeds from the book sales will be channeled to Reef Guardian as a fund-raising initiative to support its conservation works.”

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