Sabah delegation to KL festival promotes state unique culture and nature

KOTA KINABALU: The participation of Sabah in the recently concluded national-level festival in Kuala Lumpur had borne fruitful outcomes that could help the state economy.

Sabah Creative Economy and Innovation Centre (SCENIC), an initiative under Sabah government agency to drive industry technology, innovation and creativity, was invited by a federal agency to be part of the KLWKND festival.

SCENIC’s Eva Chris Anthony, who is the Sabah delegation manager for the festival, said the collaboration with the Cultural Economy Development Agency is one of the state government’s initiatives to recover the tourism industry.

“According to the Sabah Maju Jaya plan, tourism is one of Sabah’s key industries. SCENIC took this proactive step to collaborate with state and federal stakeholders in enhancing Sabah’s image rich in natural resources, tropical forests and cultural customs.

“SCENIC sees this collaboration as an opportunity to revive Sabah’s economy ,especially in the tourism sector that was affected by the pandemic, by bringing Sabah’s cultural wealth and handicrafts to Kuala Lumpur.

“It will indirectly attract more tourists to come back to visit Sabah and help its tourism sector,” she said.

During the festival between Nov 25 and 28, the centre took part in the three main segments which are the Best of Malaysians Artisans, Nature Healing and Forest in the city.

Eva said Sabah entrepreneurs, who were sponsored by SCENIC and Sabah Cultural Board (SCB) to the event, managed to get sales revenue of RM45,050.

Among those entrepreneurs are Koondos by Juddy Lasius, Koko Loko by Armand, Kraftangan Persatuan Wanita Pulau Omadal(WAPO), Kraftangan Kelarai Batu Lunguyan by Emily Jeneble, Saring Handmade Borneo Natives Jewelry by Jassica Lintanga as well as Pengkraf Manik Murut Boakan by Rasmah Rumambai.

Sabahan artists chosen based on their unique handmade products

Sabah delegation at the KLWKND festival.

SCB spokesperson said those artists were chosen to be part of the event as their handmade products are unique.

“Not only that, their techniques in producing those products are very rare nowadays, especially among the younger generation.

“Their sales are also very encouraging as many of their products are sold out. Sabah artisans had also said that the revenue during the festival is the highest as compared to revenue elsewhere before,” he said, adding that those handicrafts, particularly the accessories, are suitable for everyday occasions and for all ages.

UMS promotes beauty of Kinabatangan

Festival goers watching the 360 degree view of Kinabatangan forest

The centre had also engaged experts from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and Borneo Eco Tours to present a 360 degree “The Healing Spirit of Kinabatangan” video showcased during the event for “Forest in the city” segment.

UMS spokesperson associate professor Dr Jidon @ Adrian Janaun said they promoted Kinabatangan as the serenity of the forest has the natural healing power to the busy and tired minds.

“Furthermore, this is in line with the theme of the Forest in the city, one of the KLWKND events, where natural forests would help to bring peace and calmness to the minds.

“We received very positive feedback. Visitors were thankful for the opportunity to experience the show.

“They were able to enjoy the serenity of the Kinabatangan Forests. They would like to have more such shows so that they can come and enjoy at any time.”


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