Beauty of Sabah in 2mins

Beauty of Sabah | Shot by vivo X70 Pro

KOTA KINABALU: Be awed with a 1 minute 27 seconds film documenting people, culture and scenic landscapes of Sabah, as the clip was taken using just a smartphone. 

Directed by local film director Brian Christie, the film takes viewers on a journey to explore Sabah through various tropes of culture, tribes, food, festivities and nature. 

Sabah is a land rich with its own unique biodiversity and culture. From a great array of travel options to the friendly hospitality of the locals, the state is full of exciting stories waiting to be told. 

The video captures some of Sabah’s beautiful places such as Cultural Village, Mantanani Island and Sepilok rainforest Discovery Centre while highlighting local activities.

Sabah Tourism Board Chief Executive Officer Noredah Othman said the government is happy to collaborate with vivo to share the beauty of Sabah. 

“There is more than meets the eyes, and Sabah has more to offer to the world. 

“We hope through the film, people will appreciate Sabah and create a bigger opportunity to shine Sabah’s story to the world,” she added. 

Vivo Malaysia Chief Executive officer Mike Xu said the company believes in capturing and sharing the joy of humanity through the beautiful moments of people and nature. 

“I am glad we can tell the story of Sabah together with the Sabah Tourism Board in this project. 

“The vivo X70 Pro’s mobile photography capabilities can capture Sabah in great detail to immortalise the beautiful landscape and culture of Sabah.”

The Visual Xplorer short film can be viewed on vivo Malaysia’s Official Facebook Page and vivo Malaysia Official Youtube Channel


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