Japanese Film Festival returns

KOTA KINABALU: After over a year-long hiatus, Japanese Film Festival returns with its best Japanese films to Sabah and Sarawak from Jan 20 to 23.

Showcasing new and acclaimed Japanese films from various  genres, this year’s film screening will satisfy the cinematic  cravings of those disappointed by the cancellation of JFF 2020,  and welcome newcomers to experience the charms of the  Japanese cinema.

From family and drama to animation and comedy, the selection of  13 films will capture hearts and minds of audiences from all ages.

The festival in Borneo will feature four (4) films released in  2021, “It’s a Summer Film!” directed by MATSUMOTO Soushi, “Liar x Liar” by director YAKUMO Saiji, thriller “The Night Beyond  The Tricornered Window” by MIROGAKI Yukihiro, and “Moonlight  Shadow” directed by Malaysian film director Edmund Yeo. 

A complete listing of JFF film synopses, showtimes, and general  information is available at jfkl.org.my/events/jff-2021 and  gsc.com.my.  

Tickets for JFF 2021 will be sold  at RM 9.50 and can be purchased two days before the  first day of screening at each  region via GSC Ticketing Kiosk,  GSC e-payment at gsc.com.my or  GSC Mobile Apps. 

About Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation is Japan’s only institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programmes throughout the world.

With the objective of deepening mutual understanding between the people of Japan and the world, the Japan Foundation creates global opportunities to foster friendship, trust, and mutual understanding through culture, language, and dialogue.

The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur (JFKL) was established in October 1989 as the Malaysian branch of the Japan Foundation.


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