Be whistleblowers on illicit vaccination certs

KUALA LUMPUR: Public should act as whistleblowers on the sale of fake vaccination certificates.

ProtectHealth Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (ProtectHealth), which coordinates, administers and manages initiatives related to financing healthcare services as mandated by the Health Ministry, is referring to media reports related to the issue.

The non-profit company emphasise that it will not compromise with any private medical practitioners (PMPs) and Healthcare Non Government Organisations (NGOs) found to be in breach of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and policies set by the Ministry of Health.

“This initiative can act as an effective deterrent to prevent fraud.

“In ensuring that PMPs under ProtectHealth perform quality services and adhere to the SOPs set by the MOH and ProtectHealth, regular random audits are conducted on the PMPs and Healthcare NGOs.

“Should any non-compliance be found, ProtectHealth will take the necessary action and may suspend the PMP and Healthcare NGO concerned from conducting vaccinations in the PICK Programme.

“In addition, ProtectHealth’s medical audit team will conduct on-demand investigations should there be any complaint lodged or whenever ProtectHealth observes any data anomaly from our monitoring,” it said in a statement.

As for the vaccines, they are being given via a controlled mechanism by the Vaccine Storage Centre (PSV) as per appointment counts issued by MySejahtera or the prepared line listing.

The vaccine administration records the vaccine serial number and both the identification of the vaccinee and vaccinator.


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